Our Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies

My mother’s paternal grandmother was known for her baking, and her Christmas cookies are legendary! Her recipes have been handed down throughout the years. Growing up, my sister and I would help my mother shape and decorate a myriad of sugary treasures. The traditional line-up includes: sprinkled sugar cutouts (thin and buttery, not thick and caky like some sugar cookies), crescents (think Mexican wedding cookies, only way better), and pinwheels (sugar cookies rolled with semi-sweet chocolate). In the last ten years, we’ve added chocolate chip cookies and Rolo cookies to the mix; though their recipes aren’t Grandma Jones’s, they’re now considered staples of the cookie tray!

My sister and I have taken over Christmas baking duties for the past couple years due to my mother’s illness. We will most certainly carry on the cookie tradition in our families because, to us,┬áChristmas isn’t Christmas without them!

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