Christmastime Crackers that Pop!

Oh, the magic of the holidays… we have so many fun little Christmastime quirks, but one that I remember vividly from my childhood and think I might just have to bring back this year is pulling crackers.  Pulling crackers, you ask?  Well, it’s sort of a British thing.  My nanny would always pass these out at her house and a pair of us would clutch either end, pulling the papery tube apart with a pop, and whoever got the biggest half would get to keep the trinkets inside.  Generally, crackers have a silly tissue paper hat, a small toy, and a “motto” or joke inside.

christmastime traditions - british crackers

All this week, the ‘Roo Crew will be sharing some of our most favorite holiday traditions.  We’d love to hear what traditions you look forward to each year.  Here’s to traditions everywhere, old or new, and those yet to be made!  Happy holidays to all of you… may they be warm, merry, and full of cheer!

Images: Box of crackers; Place setting with crackers and cabinet full.

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