Capturing the Moment – Finding the Right Photographer For You

With digital and social media shaping the way we are thinking it is no wonder finding the right photographer for your wedding is so important.

It more than just having pictures it’s about capturing the moment on the most special day of your life. The moments that a couple want to remember for a lifetime.

From the selection of a photographer, engagement shots and the actual wedding day, you have a lot to think about. Here are some tips for couples to help ensure you can capture and cherish those special memories:

The Search

Look for experienced photographers who have all the right experience and staff to meet your needs. Do not under estimate how technically savvy your photographer needs to be, after all, we are in the digital age.

You also need to find someone you like that will be interacting with your friends and family.

Hint: you don’t want someone to be creative, as a good photographer can capture moments without having to create them.

Start your search as soon as you set your date. Always ask to see a portfolio and check references.

Style Points

What style of photography you would like: spontaneous shots, posed shots, action shots, black and white or color, or even traditional or photo journalistic images.

When you interview your photographers get an idea of what their style is.  Be sure to ask about pricing menus that match the type of shots you want. Many photographers have different pricing for more posed shots as opposed to more action shots.

When reviewing a photographer’s portfolio, look for work that shows a focus on human expressions and emotion.  This shows a photographer can find the beauty whether it’s an informal event hall, outside venue or luxury ballroom.

Let’s engage

Engagement shoots have become more popular in recent years and have numerous benefits. Many kinks can be worked out before the big day. Engagement shoots are a great opportunity for the photographer to work with the bride and groom, ease concerns, and get to know them in a less formal setting, but it also helps develop a level of trust with the photographer.

Additional perks of engagement shoots: they generate photos that can be reused in a lot of fun, creative ways that to support your other wedding activities, including engagement announcements, favors, and decorations to name a few.

Make your list

Wedding planning can get crazy so MAKE YOUR LISTS! Your actual wedding day comes and goes so fast, it’s easy to forget about important images that you have likely dreamt up in your head since you were a young girl. Your photographer probably has a standard list of images that they use as a good starting point. However that doesn’t mean the ones you are thinking of are one it, especially if they are uniquely specific.

Your Special Day

You need a photo coordinator, so find a family member or friend you can trust for this often missed role. Your coordinator needs to have the must have list of shoots you want and keep in sync with which ones have to be taken.

Most photographers would prefer to be taking amazing images rather than tracking down cousins, aunts and uncles. So your coordinator needs to know whose who and help them be where they need to be.

Compile a list of all the relatives and friends you want grouped together for formal photos.

On such a romantic day, couples often appreciate photos that capture expressions of love, moments of compassion and the pleasure of the guests. Matchless, intimate moments make for the utmost powerful photos like photo of the groom’s face when the bride approaches the isle.

Remember sometimes the little flaws create the best memories. Such moments can include blunders that make the couple laugh, or some random happening with the ring bearer that steals the moment from the bride and groom. Having an eye for these unique, personable moments can help ensure the wedding album is an accurate reflection of the day, and gives the one-of-a-kind photo treasures you’re looking for.

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