Buying Your Wedding Invitations Part 2

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There are two major types of printing processes used in creating invitations. Engraved invitations are used for the most traditional, formal weddings, and are the most expensive. This process involves raising the letters above the paper by pressing the paper into a metal plate. The second type of process is Thermography. This is a process of fusing ink and powder on paper to create raised letters. It produces the similar look of engraving, but at a much lower price. This process also allows you to choose from a larger variety of ink colors and typestyles. The American Wedding uses the thermography printing method on most of our invitation styles, offering over 20 ink colors and 50 typestyles.

Once you have decided where and what to order, it is time to decide what you want your invitations to say. You should be sure to include who is hosting the wedding, the date, time and location. If you are ordering reception and respond cards, make sure you have the details for these as well. Consider ordering your thank you notes at the same time, as you will begin receiving gifts shortly after sending out your wedding invitations. Once you have confirmed all the details and decided what you want your invitations to say, it is time to place your order. If you order from The American Wedding you can order several ways—by phone, mail, fax or online. We have trained professionals who can assist you in your ordering needs and can give you advice on wording, etiquette and answer any questions you may have.

Once you have placed your order, just sit back and wait for them to arrive. Once you receive your wedding invitations, be sure to check them over to make sure everything is correct. If you are hiring a calligrapher to address your envelopes, make sure they get all the envelopes (including the extras) in plenty of time to do the job. After you have received your envelopes back from the calligrapher, gather your bridesmaids together and have a ‘stuffing’ party. Create an assembly line to assemble the invitations and accessory cards into the envelopes. If you are including respond cards, don’t forget to put a stamp on the respond envelope! When you have all the invitations assembled and sealed in their envelopes, take a few to the post office to be weighed. Slapping on a normal stamp on the envelopes may be not enough to cover the postage and you don’t want your guests to pay postage due on your invitations. Once the postage has been determined for your invitations, put stamps on your invitations and mail. Now that you have this major wedding detail in the bag, you can scratch this off your wedding to-do list.

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