Bring Your Wedding Ring Fever To Your Wedding Invitations

Whether yours is a multi-carat sparkler or a subtle kiss of ring finger shimmer, you probably adore your engagement ring as a reminder of the proposal and your impending wedding and marriage. If you’ve found yourself flashing it to family, friends, and every passerby, though, you may be in the grips of ring fever! It’s completely understandable -this may be one of the best pieces of jewelry you wear in your life. So why not show your pride and bring a whimsical spirit to your ceremony with ring-bedecked wedding invitations?

Great for a more casual wedding, quirky cute wedding invitations like these Wedding Ring Column Wedding Invitations are just right for smaller daytime ceremonies. The column shape keeps them looking like proper wedding invitations while the cute ring and box accent makes them stand out. We like the customizable message on the vellum band, too.

Before you send out your wedding invitations, you’ll probably have an extra event or two that you want your friends and family to attend, so why not try out the theme there if you’re unsure? Host an engagement party and get your guests there with Engagement Ring Tiny Flats, small wedding event invitations with just enough space to keep it petite yet include all the important information. Darling Bling Ring Invitations are great for a bridal shower or bachelorette party, and if you’re planning something particularly fancy, why not get everyone there with these Present Invitations w/ Ring Insert. They can get the ring out of the box and find the details right there!

If you kept the guest list small but still want your friends and family to know about your special day, send out these adorable Big Ring Wedding Announcements. Even if you had a formal wedding, wedding announcements don’t need to be as fancy as wedding invitations, so you can send out these charming announcements with your happy news centered right inside a big stylized ring. Too cute!

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