Bridal Shower Theme Idea – Kiss the Cook

There are so many great bridal shower theme ideas out there it is hard to choose one. Lingerie showers are great but more conservative relatives may frown on that theme. How about a kitchen themed bridal shower that is friendly for all ages?


Every good party starts with the party invitations. Try using a themed invitation with matching address labels to set the stage for the celebration. Spread the word by mouth that the theme of the day will be kiss the cook so people get gifts that fit the theme if they can. Provide blank recipe cards in each invitation. Ask guests to fill out a card or two with their favorite recipe for the bride and bring it to the shower. Assemble the cards in a recipe box with plenty of room to add more recipes as a lovely gift for the bride.


For centerpieces, a nice set of mason jars can have kitchen utensils used to fill them instead of flowers. Checkered tablecloths really add to the kitchen theme feel. Lemonade pitchers filled with flowers also make a nice centerpiece. Baskets filled with fresh produce make gorgeous table accents. Recipe cards can be used as place cards with a recipe for a successful marriage printed on the card as well as each guest’s name. If balloons are to be used, use common kitchen items as weights. A measuring cup set, wooden spoons and similar items that the bride to be can keep after the shower. Aprons on the walls and chefs hats used as décor are also fun décor ideas. Potholders make for great favors for a kitchen themed bridal shower.


Make an apron for the guest of honor to wear for part of the wedding shower. It can say something simple like “kiss the cook” or it can allude to the fact that she will soon be cooking for her husband. Instead of a guest book buy a plate kit where guests can sign a few plates and write good wishes. The plates can then be hung in the newlywed couples kitchen.

A few guests can pitch in and have a sign made saying (guest of honor’s name)’s kitchen for her to hang in the kitchen of her marital home. Appliances, napkins, tablecloths and dishes also make nice gifts. Gift cards to eateries for the nights when the cook is taking a night to herself are also sure to be a welcome gift.

Many areas offer group cooking classes. Instead of a traditional shower a group can attend one of these classes and present the guest of honor with her gifts to take home. The gifts can include the items used to make the dishes in the class. A recipe card box with the recipes learned at the class already placed on cards is also a nice touch.


Be sure to have some games like how well do you know the groom and other party games for guests to play. Continue the kitchen theme both in the games and in the rewards for the winners.

A kitchen themed shower doesn’t need to be old fashioned and boring. Make it a day for the bride to remember.