Bridal Party Basics

So…you’ve been asked by your dear friend, or close coworker, or second-cousin-twice-removed to be in her wedding party. Now what? It truly should be considered an honor and a complement to be asked to stand in such an important role. After all, you’ll be by her side when she says “I Do!” But, before you head off to buy that beautiful bridesmaid dress, here are some duties you’ll need to start considering:

Bridesmaids play a big part in making the bride’s wedding day everything she’s dreamed of. This includes (among other things) making sure her champagne glass is full (but not too full), helping her into her dress, making sure the dance floor is never empty, and generally just making sure she’s having a blast! But long before she says I do, there is a host of wedding celebration festivities you can look forward to attending, and maybe even, well… hosting!

The Engagement Party
This initial party used to be thrown by the groom’s family. But more recently, this is an event that has fallen into the hands of the friends of both the bride and the groom. Engagement parties can be anything from formal affairs to casual barbeques to costume parties! Whichever theme and style you select, it should be in keeping with the style of the bride and groom. Don’t make your best gal (a lover of flip flops and lazy days) get all dressed up to the nines in her own honor. Keep things casual so she’ll feel comfortable and, most importantly, have a blast. For more on engagement party etiquette, click here.

The Bachelorette Party
The Maid of Honor should take the lead on this one, but you’ll still have plenty of duties to fulfill. You’ll need to select and book a location, plan the night’s or weekend’s activities, and keep all attendants in the loop. Importantly, you’ll want to get the bachelorette party invitations in the mail ASAP so everyone can get the date on their calendars asap.
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The Bridal Shower(s)
You’ll need to attend any showers that time and distance allow, and you’ll most likely want to throw one along with the other bridesmaids or Maid of Honor. Consider a brunch, a luncheon, or even a cocktail party. Again, keep the bride in mind and think about the atmosphere in which she will feel comfortable and happy. You do not need to invite everyone she knows to every shower. In fact, it is appropriate (and expected) that the guest lists will be different for each shower. For more on bridal shower etiquette, click here.

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The Rehearsal Dinner
You and your significant other will be expected to attend this night-before-the-ceremony dinner, rehearsal, and possible party. If the bride is throwing the dinner herself, or planning the details alone, you might volunteer to help her select the location and make sure everyone arrives on time.

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