Birds of a Feather

If you want to incorporate the beauty of Mother Nature into your wedding invitations, but are not drawn to traditional tones of green and brown, get inspired by our colorful feathered friends! Whether you are inspired by the fantastic colors in their wings, or want to take a more literal approach, let your creative flair “soar” by borrowing from the beautiful, bold nature of birds.

Simply Mix n’ Match the paper, colors, and shapes of your choice to create the custom invitation of your dreams! See our complete collection of Mix n Match invitations here.

Looking to do it yourself? Check out our DIY section where you can select every piece you need, in the colors of your choice.

Here are a few color combinations inspired by the birds of a feather!

Proud Peacocks:
Bright turquoise
Rich purple

Beautiful Blue Jays:
Rich blues
Bright blues
More blues!

Magical Macaws:
Golden yellow
Bright green

Sweet Parakeets:
Soft yellow

Birds, to many people, represent peace, freedom, and love. What better symbol could there be for the happy day of your joyous marriage? Because birds have become such a popular image in the past year, there are many invitations out there to help you literally incorporate their elegant nature into your wedding invitations.