Bird Themed Wedding Inspiration

The most recent wedding trend we’d like to explore with you is that of the bird.

Gaining steadily in popularity over the past few years, our feathered friends are gracing design everywhere. From clothing, to stationery and even tattoo trends the bird trend has taken flight.

You don’t have to be a bird watcher to take inspiration from these natural beauties.

There are several ways to draw inspiration from our feathered friends. Consider the colors of some of the more popular birds. Like the cardinal red, this is a terrific color choice for a winter wedding. The deep red will represent love and warmth. When you choose your main color to be something as bold as cardinal red, you will want to look at a muted or neutral color as its compliment. Especially if you are drawing much of your style from nature where there are several vivid colors just not blended together.

The robin’s egg blue is a very popular shade for spring weddings. Springtime is a great time to have a wedding for many reasons. One of which is because of all the beautiful colors like this one that are emerging around us in nature.

Excellent complimentary colors for this blue shade are yellow, mint and gray. Of course there are many others to choose from, these few are merely our suggestions.

For the bride that insists she have a wedding motto, think about “Birds of a feather” This is a short simple way to let the guests know your thoughts on your style and allows a sneak into your relationship as well.

As far as design goes, the sky is the limit. Your guests first taste of your wedding theme will be the invitation. If you’ve chosen to run wild with the bird theme the American Wedding has few styles for you to choose from. Our Loving Birds line will help you from start to finish. From the save the date through the favor tags.

When decorating at the wedding, think of how you would like to incorporate the birds. Many brides have chosen to hang paper birdcages from the pews in lieu of flowers or bows. Some choose to carry bouquets that have feathers in them, while others have the ring bearer carry a birds nest instead of a pillow.

At the reception it is important to tie all of your design ideas together here without looking too busy. Remember this is still a wedding not a child’s birthday party. Consistency and flow are important no matter how informal you want it to feel.

Birdcage card holders are a popular reception piece for many weddings no matter the theme or style. Placing small glass jars with pieces of moss and painted ceramic or wooden eggs in the center or the table make for beautiful, non-floral centerpieces.

There are so many possibilities with this choice that you will definitely be able to find your niche.

We try to stay on top of many our today’s trends and this one is no exception. Please be sure to check out our bird designs which you can add to many of our accessory items such as tumblers and napkins.

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