The Best of the Best Wedding DJ’s

Generally, Joe needs no introduction.  And dare I say it, but generally, Joe doesn’t need any charitable publicity from people like me to promote his business.  That’s not what this segment “Shout Out” is about, though.  The purpose of my monthly musings is to recognize businesses and people who are the very best at their chosen profession.  Simply put, Joe Bunn is the best Wedding DJ I know.

I’ve worked with Joe on a number of projects.  During our collaborations, I have been impressed with how well Joe delegates tasks and responsibilities to the people he knows are experts in their fields, including his own associate DJ’s.  He follows up, solicits feedback and just gets things done.  These characteristics are the making of a great businessman.  They are also the making of an amazing DJ.

best raleigh wedding dj

What should you expect from a Wedding DJ for hire?  Professional? Of course. Well-dressed, well-equipped? Absolutely.  Articulate and polite in person and on the mic? If you’re lucky. Joe’s team has all of the above plus what I would call the X-factor.  What’s the X-factor for a DJ? It’s instinct, intuition. It’s the ability to build momentum and energy in a crowd – a keen sense of feedback not just to get people on their feet, but to keep them there. I’ve attended a fair number of events where Joe has been the DJ and there are far more people on the dance floor than in their chairs.  That’s pretty remarkable considering we’ve all likely experienced events where the DJ chooses a loser song and everyone sits down.  Not at a Joe Bunn DJ Company event.  Guests will sweat it out until the DJ walks out the door.

Joe’s entourage of 15 of the best DJ’s around are a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking to throw the hottest party in town (er, I mean Wedding Reception), you’ll need a Wedding DJ. You’d be remiss if you went with anyone other than Joe Bunn DJ Company.

Don’t forget to check out Joe Bunn DJ Company on Facebook.  They’re hosting a pretty sweet contest right now!




special thanks to these awesome Raleigh Wedding Photographers for use of their images: Azul Photography | Brian Mullins Photography | Daniel Pesta | Walters & Walters

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