Candied Inspiration + VW Getaways

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The summer is flying by!  I sure would like to push a pause button for a week or two.  With my wedding coming up in only two months, I’m waking up early and going to bed late to make the most of these swiftly passing days.

This weekend I’ll be sending out my custom wedding invitations… maybe I’ll share a sneak peek in my next Handmade Bride article.  If you haven’t picked out your own unique wedding invitations just yet, take a look at the new designs we launch every Friday!

color inspiration: rock candy hues

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monica's new house

Congrats to Monica and Andy!  They closed on their first home this past week.   After months of snagging boxes from TGK’s recycle pile, I know Monica is glad to finally be done with all that packing… and almost done with the unpacking.

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kombi vw bus limo

As far as getaway cars go, this Kombi Lomousine has to be one of the coolest that I have ever seen! I’ve always harbored secret daydreams of owning a VW bus (though in reality, I’m an air-conditioning kinda girl), so I think this photo is beyond awesome. It’s too bad I didn’t have a getaway like this for my own wedding. I would have loved to drive off into the sunset with my new husband in this!  -Lori

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Do you have summer vacation plans?

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