Before the Wedding Invitations, Save the Date!

It may be a long, involved process, choosing your wedding invitations, but that doesn’t mean you should drag your feet on getting the word out there! It’s recommended that you get a Save the Date card out as soon as you’ve nailed down the time and place for your wedding. Place is important in case there are booking issues that conflict with your preferred date, so be sure to get the location booked before you go getting anything printed.

Save the Dates are especially important if you’re having a destination wedding, so that people may have the chance to accrue vacation time and purchase tickets far enough in advance that they won’t get fleeced by airline or hotel costs. You have leeway for sending out your Save the Dates with other types of weddings, especially if you’re having a hometown wedding and inviting mainly local friends and family. Still, make sure their calendars are marked before you send your wedding invitations so the date doesn’t come as a surprise!

For a simple wedding, go with a simple Save the Date.  Save the Date Postcards get the job done quickly and easily – you don’t even need to have them printed, you can just fill out the name and circle the date. You’ll want to keep your wedding invitations in line with this look, too, so keep that in mind and don’t go for ribbons and bows and flowers for your invites when you’ve already set the stage for quirky, clever simplicity.

If you’re having a theme wedding, you can get a little wackier with your Save the Dates than your wedding invitations. For the country couple, send out these cute, cowboy boot printed Getting Hitched Save the Dates, and get your guests ready for a down-home ceremony where black cowboy boots under tuxes are not just accepted, but encouraged. Going to the shore to get married? Set the scene with elegant Beach Bride Save the Dates.

If your wedding is not quite simple but not quite a themed extravaganza either, go with pretty stripes. Perfectly pretty with enough room for all the information you mean to impart, these Save the Dates are a lovely precursor to similarly striped wedding invitations, or even a fun interlude between the announcements over the phone and the final pristine white wedding invitations. Get them in the mood, get them ready to celebrate – get them to save the date already!

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