Baseball Themed Wedding

With summer winding down to a close we must soon say fare-well to our favorite warm weather things. From swimsuits and flip flops, to cook-outs and baseball games. Whether a fan of the very local minor league team or a season ticket holding Major league fan, for many of us baseball has a soft spot in our hearts. As one of America’s greatest past-times it’s no wonder there are hundreds of romantic stories about two people falling in love at a game. Think of how many times you’ve seen a man get down on one knee over those large screens at a game.

We know what you’re thinking, how can I incorporate my love for baseball into my wedding without it looking like a children’s birthday party?

It’s easier than you think. 

First of all think about colors, choose one of your favorite team colors and then pick one of his if you have personal favorites. Love the same team? Pick a more neutral shade to go with it such as cream, silver, brown or black even.

For decorations why not fill large glass vases with baseballs? We’ve seen it done with stacked round fruits and pebbles so why not? Just be sure to go ahead and add lots of colorful flowers billowing out of the top to add a more feminine touch. 

Gone are the days when all cake toppers look the same. Look for a topper where the brides holding a bat and the groom with a glove. Some can even be personalized wearing your favorite team’s jersey.

Tired of the same old guestbook? Have a wooden bat on hand for everyone to sign instead. This is a very different idea, and may be a bit far out for some. But, just think of the possibilities for display at your home. With the right location in your home it will be a joy, to walk past daily and remember all of the loved ones who shared in your day. Instead of having the book tucked away somewhere. Or how about your favorite players jersey? If that is too hard of a decision to make, think of having a custom jersey or shirt made. Maybe with your now shared-last name and for the number, the year you are getting married?

When it comes to favors, there are a few obvious ideas. Cracker jack anyone? From individual boxes of cracker jack, to cookies frosted like baseballs the list goes on and on. Hoping for a candy bar? Go for it, gumballs, chocolate balls wrapped in a baseball print foil, popcorn, packages of big league chew, and roasted peanuts are just a few ideas to get you started. The possibilities truly go on and on. 

Want to add a little touch to your wedding day ensemble? Many places sell garters with a team charm attached in lieu of a bow or flower. Some even come in the team colors or with the name embroidered on. Not as big a fan as he is? Choose his favorite team but, don’t tell him. He’ll be surprised when he sees it at the reception!

The grooms cake is traditionally more whimsical so why not have it ready and waiting molded and decorated perfectly like a baseball, the home-field or many other possibilities. Today’s bakers can make just about anything you ask of them. 

Last but, not least be sure to ask you photographer to take a whimsical picture or two of you and your maids “stepping up to the plate” flowers in hand.

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