Emily + Jef = Bachelorette Bliss

glitz and gossip graphicABC’s The Bachelorette has long been a guilty pleasure of mine. This season I was especially addicted. Maybe it was because I felt some sort of misplaced kinship with Emily Maynard. Like myself, Emily is a West Virginia girl currently residing in North Carolina. Silly? Maybe. But it was enough to make me eagerly tune in every week and root for her as she set out to find love and a father figure for her daughter, Josephine Riddick “Ricki” Hendrick, on the popular reality show.

Luckily, she did find love. Hallelujah! That love came in the form of adorably sweet and eloquent Jef Holm. Sure, race car driver Arie and all-american Sean were good prospects, but in the end, it was a quirky, romantic boy named Jef that stole her heart.  Who could blame her?! If he didn’t have me at “hello,” he had me shortly after!

Fellow ‘Roo, Kristin, and I spent the season discussing, analyzing and rooting for Jef … much to the chagrin of the rest of the TGK Crew. We even celebrated their engagement with pink cupcakes from local cupcake shop, Gigi’s!

The Bachelorette and her new love seem to be flourishing! Currently in Africa doing charity work with Holm’s company, People Water, the couple appears to be united and happy. Jef plays the role of a doting fiancé well, gushing about how Emily has been “awesome in Africa,” jumping in right in and helping with the work that they are there to do. Emily has been doing her fair share of gushing as well.  She is quoted on People.com saying, “Being the Bachelorette has been an incredible experience and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the support. I learned so much about myself and so many lessons that I’ll implement into our relationship. There were many ups and downs, and at times things were very chaotic, but love is worth the chaos! ”

I hope to hear televised wedding bells ringing in the near future! Complete with custom wedding invitations from The Green Kangaroo, of course! I think they stand a shot. Emily recently joked with Ryan Seacrest about how she’s been practicing writing “Emily Holm” on her notebook. Here’s to hoping Emily and Jef actually go the distance! We wish them the best!

What TGK wedding invitation do you think Emily should pick?

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