Assembling Your DIY Wedding Invitations

If you’ve ever done any crafts at all, you know that it takes supplies! DIY wedding invitations are no different; when it’s time to put them together, you’ll need the tools to help you do that. While MyGatsby doesn’t offer personal printers to handle that aspect of it, we do provide the additional supplies you’ll need to get your wedding invitations assembled perfectly!

For 2-Layer Wedding Invitations, you’ll need a way to attach the layers together to create the final product. The easiest, cleanest way to do this is with tape rather than glue. No, not clear Scotch tape or even duct tape – you’ll get the best results with ATG Tape from an ATG Tape Dispenser. This super-thin, double-sided specialty tape offers the adherence you expect from Scotch without the buckling you can get with ordinary glue.

Want to add Accessories to your wedding invitations? In that case, you’ll need to break out the glue. Put away the Elmer’s, though, that’s far too messy to deal with. When you’re ready to attach accessories like ribbons to your wedding invitations, rely on the spill-free assistance of Glue Lines, thin one inch adhesive strips that easily attach your favorite Midoris to your invites. Saying it with flowers? Try super-strength Mini Glue Dots.

If you want wax seals to close your wedding invitations but don’t want to deal with the expense or the dripping hot wax (we can’t blame you!), you’re probably going to want to invest in Fauxwax Sticks and a Mini Hot Glue Gun. You’ll get the same effect as wax without the hassle and fuss, so you’ll still have picture-perfect seals closing your wedding invitations.