Anchor’s Away!

One of the latest wedding trends is the nautical theme wedding. Even the landlocked couple can take this theme and make it all their own. From making the right color selection and beyond, this wedding trend is making a splash.

Below we have compiled a list of many different ways that help you tie in your love for water with your big day!

1.)If you are hosting a very casual wedding, opt for colorful children’s beach pails to hold your floral arrangements instead of glass vases. Not quite that casual? Galvanized buckets are sure to look a bit more upscale while still setting the mood.

2.) Your maids jewelry need not be made of  rhinestone or crystal encrusted tennis bracelets. Look into chic knotted rope bracelets. You can find many stunning rope or twine knotted bracelets in several different colors. .

3.) Want to be one of those couples who have a wedding phrase or tag-line? Try a few of these on for size:

“We’re making waves! Elaine and Jared September 22nd 2012”

“It’s time to take the plunge! Elaine and Jared September 22nd 2012”

“We’re tying the knot! Elaine and Jared September 22nd 2012”

“Anchors away! Elaine and Jared September 22nd 2012”

4.) Speak with your caterers about their napkin folding abilities. While we’ve all seen the typical fan folds see if that can’t make little boats out of theme. Think those paper boats we made as kids? How cute!

5.) For the maids clothing, the choices are boundless. From selecting beautiful shades of navy and deep red, think of all the designs as well. From striped dresses to little sailor hats!

6.) Small ceramic or wooden lighthouses would make excellent place-card holders.

7.) For a whimsical look for your cake table, grab a net and angle it over top of a cotton table cloth.

8.) Instead of sprinkling flower petals, glitter, or faux diamonds on your tables sprinkle seashells instead.

9.) If you have chosen to keep the wedding party’s clothing more laidback, opt for boat shoes in lieu of dress shoes for the men. They’ll tie in to the theme quite well and they are more comfortable.

10.) Instead of garlands or bows hanging from the backs of chairs, select wooden anchors tied to twine.

There are several other ways as well to utilize this newly popular wedding theme. Whether you want to have just a hint of the sea or to carry the style through-out.

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