A Shower to Remember

There is a popular trend these days to choose a theme for the bridal shower.  Here are a few options to consider, or be creative and come up with your own unique theme.

  • Alphabet Shower: Each guest should bring a gift that starts with a letter that was assigned to that guest on the invitation.  Using the letters of the bride and groom’s names is one alternative.
  • Entertainment Shower: Gifts may include a DVD player, DVDs, CDs, movie tickets, gift certificates to movie rental stores, concert tickets or sporting event tickets.  This is perfect for the couple that has all of their household items already.
  • Paper Shower: Each guest brings a gift made of paper such as stationery, photo albums, journals, books, prints for framing or magazine subscriptions.
  • Quilting Shower: Send each guest a fabric square included in the invitation along with instructions to decorate the square with a motif relating to the couple.  Assemble the quilt at the shower.
  • Service Shower: Each guest will present the bride with a “labor of love” coupon promising their time, talents and energy instead of a typical gift.  These personal gift certificates could be for sewing, yard work, cooking a meal or a night out.
  • Special Supper Shower: This is fun for the guys as well as the girls.  Choose an Italian feast, Mexican dinner, barbeque gourmet dinner or another meal the couple likes.  Guests cook and serve the meal and bring gifts related to it.
  • Special Interest Shower: Most every bride has a hobby like gardening, reading, sewing, scrapbooking, etc.  Include in the invitation a note explaining that gifts should relate to her hobby or interest.  This is especially fun for a bride who has most of her household necessities.

Showers can be a lot of fun and a chance for people to talk and relax.  Be creative with the decorating and make it a truly memorable time for everyone.

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