A Practical Guide To Sending Out Wedding Announcements

For whatever reason, you might not be sending out as many wedding invitations as you have friends and family members. Whether you’re holding a pricy destination wedding or a tiny ceremony, the fact that not everyone can be with you on the big day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still share your happiness with them. The best way to do this is with wedding announcements.

At some point you likely made a list of people you wanted to send wedding invitations to, so simply find that list and mark off the names of the ones who attended. The remainder is your list for announcements, and you should add as many extra names to it as you can think of if you’re really looking to get the word out to your friends and family who couldn’t make it. Since this list might not necessarily be complete, round up your wedding announcements order to the nearest ten for the people you might forget.

If you still have plenty of time before the ceremony, consider ordering your announcements when you order your wedding invitations. This way you’ll have them ready to send when the appropriate time comes, and you can get all your invitation shopping out of the way early on. While you’re ordering, consider getting a box of Thank You cards as well and covering all your bases!

Finally, you have a limited window of time in which to send out your wedding announcements and still let people know in a semi-prompt fashion, so be sure to stick within that window. The best course of action is to send out the announcements the day of your wedding, thereby avoiding any potential freak postal mishaps that might lead to a wedding announcement arriving before the wedding. If you won’t have time to drop the envelopes in the mailbox, recruit a bridesmaid to do it for you.