4+ Months Before – Your Wedding Planning Timeline

If you followed Part 1 of our guide, dive in to Part 2 to ensure a smooth, no-stress wedding day.

You are well on your way to your big day! Congratulations. . . much of the hard work is behind you! Our biggest piece of advice is to relax and do your best to really enjoy the next few months. We hope the rest of this guide will help you get your final priorities and last minute details in order.

4+ Months Before Your Wedding

  1. Taste the Cake!Call local bakeries, or contact your on-site event coordinator to schedule a cake tasting. Think about flavor, style, size, decorations and color so they’ll have a clear vision of your style and.. .taste!
    • Tip: Make the baker aware of any food allergies you may have or any flavors you definitely don’t like. Bring along your wedding planning binder so the cake is sure to match all those fabulous details you’ve been putting together! And, as always, make your budget clear BEFORE you dig in!
  2. Time to Plan the Honeymoon
    If you have your heart set on a dream location, the earlier you can start planning the better! With all the resources out there, be sure to check as many resources as possible! It may also be worth your time to call resorts and hotels to see if they offer honeymoon packages.
  3. Review Marriage License Requirements and Apply
    Contact your state to determine exactly what the requirements are where you live. In most cases, you’ll both need to get a complete physical exam including blood tests. You’ll also likely need to fill out some lengthy forms.

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