3+ Months Out – Your Wedding Planning Timeline

  1. Send Your Invitations Make sure the invitations are compiled, addressed, and postmarked as necessary. Remember that while you are free to add to your guest list as you wish, everyone who received a save the date must receive an invitation.
    • Tip: Pay attention to Postage. Take a sample to the Post Office and have them weigh and place postage on the entire package.
  2. The Necessities Do you need to rent or buy useful items for your ceremony and reception? Do not assume that the location will be providing everything (or anything!) Think about candles, flatware, china, crystal, etc. Call around to find the best deals for renting these items in bulk.
  3. Set the Schedule Confirm the arrival and departure times for the caterer, transportation services, band, deejay, etc. Get in touch with your event location to confirm that all your vendors will have access to the site when they need it. Give each vendor a day- of contact person and phone number. You don’t want them calling you.
  4. Order Wedding Favors While they are by no means a necessity, wedding favors can be a great way to show your appreciation for all the love and support you’ve received from your guests. Favors can be as understated as a homemade CD or as extravagant as charitable donations, but they should always be somewhat sentimental.
  5. Shop for Bridal Party Gifts Shower your gals with love and appreciation for all that they’ve done for you over the last few months. Practical ideas include a robe to wear while primping for the big day, or a piece of jewelry to wear with their bridesmaid dresses.

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