2012 Wedding Day Trends

With the fresh start of a new year upon us, we’re thinking ahead of what new wedding day trends we have to look forward to in 2012.  Just like the latest jean fads, wedding trends come and go — for better or for worse!  Here are a few that we hope to see more of throughout the year…

wai-ching zolotova wedding dress

Unexpected color!  Designer Chrissy Wai-Ching created this Zolotova dress bursting with extravagantly eye-catching color.  If you’re going for something a bit more subtle, romantically soft shades of nude and blush are everywhere right now.

vera wang wedding dresses

Texture!  That’s right, texture, texture, texture is huge!  The more layers, the better.  Also, lace is making a pretty big comeback, along with delicate illusion necklines.  The lovely Vera Wang dresses above were highlighted on zankyou.com.


Eclectic food options!  A friend of mine arranged for a few food trucks to make a late-night appearance at her reception. Other delicious food trends we’d love to get a better taste of are: macaroni & cheese bars, gourmet coffee stations, breakfast/brunch foods.  With couples making every aspect of their wedding more and more personal these days, various food trends are going to continue to tempt our taste buds this year!

rhinestone encrusted sash by j.crew

Accessories!  Belts and sashes with rhinestones, feathers, flowers — they’re all super cute!  Adding a little extra sparkle to your wedding day look has been very popular and seems to be a trend that’s here to stay for awhile.  The Rhinestone Encrusted Sash from J. Crew pictured above is a favorite of mine.

As for a few trends we’re used to, but still love, it seems that the vintage look will remain a favorite among brides.  Along those same lines, many couples will have “green” weddings, incorporating vintage items, reused and recycled materials, and local products.

We are especially excited to see what unique wedding invitation trends might be pushing the envelope this year.  Along with a variety of new designs we’ve been adding to our collection, we’re gearing up to offer several new colors in both ink and paper options for 2012.

We’d love to hear of any trends you’re excited to see this year… or maybe you’ll be setting a few of your own?!

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