2+ Months Out – Your Wedding Planning Timeline

  1. Create a Perfect Playlist Nothing can ruin your joyful mood than hearing a cheesy song you despise at your own party! Music selection is crucial to the vibe of your wedding reception. Choose your songs together with your fiancé, create a playlist, and share your selections with your Band or DJ early on. Have a discussion with him or her about how much (if any) liberty he or she can take with your selections.
  2. Plan Rehearsal Dinner Traditionally, the groom’s family hosts this event, but this is not always the case. If you’ll be taking the lead, select a location for your rehearsal dinner and make the necessary reservations & deposits. If you want to go formal and invite out of town guests, you may want to send an invitation by mail. For more casual events, an email or even a phone call will suffice.
  3. Plan Wedding WeekendNow is the time to make arrangements for your “Bridesmaid Luncheon, golf for the boys, and any other events prior to the actual event.
    • Tip: Research local events, attractions, sports games, and concerts for guests who may be looking for entertainment in the days before and after your wedding.
  4. New Address Order address labels with you & your future husband’s new name & new address. This adds a personalized touch when sending out your wedding thank you cards.

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