15 Tips for a Successful Wedding

  1. Establish a realistic budget and follow it.
  2. Be sure to read and fully understand every contract before you sign it.  If something is not clear or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  3. Request and verify references for all of your wedding professionals before you commit to hiring them.  A true professional will gladly supply you with names of past clients.
  4. Keep written notes of all converstations between you and your wedding professionals.  Email (or provide a copy of) the notes to the particular professional so he or she will have a record as well.
  5. Be on time for the wedding rehearsal and of course the wedding ceremony.  Running late will cause you to be nervous and you want to feel relaxed and enjoy the day.
  6. Never assume that everyone knows what you want.  Communicate clearly with your wedding professionals.  They need to be told what you expect and will welcome the clarifications.
  7. Conserve your energy!  Try not to schedule any activities during the wedding weekend.  Focus on the rehearsal and ceremony.
  8. Keep up with those thank you notes.  As you receive a gift, write a note.  You really do not want to spend the first week after your honeymoon writing countless thank you notes.
  9. Bachelor and bachelorette parties should be held one or two weeks BEFORE the wedding.  Never agree to one the night before the ceremony.  You want to enjoy the party AND your wedding.
  10. Compile a manageable guest list with you groom; if cuts are necessary, do them together. ”
  11. Ask only family members and very close friends to be in your wedding party.
  12. Be sure to keep your groom updated on all decisions that have been made, even if he acts like he really does not care.
  13. Two weeks before the wedding, double check with ALL the wedding professionals to make sure they have the correct date, time, place and services they have been hired to perform.
  14. On the day of the wedding, make sure the bride has plenty of time and room to prepare for her big day.
  15. If something goes wrong, stay calm – every wedding usually has at least one small “glitch.”  Do not feel that you have to take care of it; let someone else deal with it.
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