1 Month Before – Your Wedding Planning Timeline

  1. Get with the Program Design or place an order for your wedding programs. You’ve been smart to wait at least this long because things inevitably change right up until the last minute. Programs generally include the names of the wedding party and the names of the family of the bride and groom.
    • Tip: Add fun details like “your story,” bios for the people in your wedding party, pictures, your favorite prayer, etc. This is a great chance to make your guests feel more personally involved in your special day.
  2. The Perfect Fit Now’s the time to have your final gown fitting. Bring along your shoes, your veil, and a trustworthy friend for a second opinion. Don’t be shy — if there’s anything you’re not happy about, speak up now while there’s still time to make last-minute changes.
  3. Primping Practice Run Make an appointment to have a run-through on your makeup and hair. You do not want to see it for the first time on your wedding day! Be sure to bring pictures, magazine clippings, and other inspiration for your stylists.
    • Tip: Bring your veil and a picture of your dress.

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