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Inside the Studio: Pocket Wedding Invitations Shimmer

These colorful shimmer pockets are some of our newest and loveliest.  Design your own pocket with one of these new hues along with your favorite design for a unique wedding invitation that is all you! Take a look at The Green Kangaroo on Pinterest for more pocket wedding invitation inspiration!

Wedding Flowers: Backyard Bouquets

Summer gardens offer a bounty of choices for bouquets and centerpieces.  You can show off your green thumb with gorgeous hand-tied posies from your own garden or carry a beautiful bouquet of blossoms that were grown by a family member or close friend.  And if you don’t have access to a blooming garden, visit your
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Etiquette: Etiquette for Addressing Inner and Outer Envelopes

If you have ordered your wedding invitations already, you have probably noticed that there are two different envelopes to use.  First, there is the outer envelope used for mailing.  Everything else goes inside this envelope.  Names and addresses are to be completely spelled out; no abbreviations are to be used.  The wording can either be
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New Invitation Design: Allium

It’s Friday — our favorite day of the week here at The Green Kangaroo!  That’s because each Friday we have another new creation straight from the designer’s desk to share with you! This week we have another floral design to add to our collection: perky, eye-popping Allium! Packed with vibrant color, this modern wedding invitation would be perfect for spring
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Budget: Tips on Cheap Wedding Favors

It seems these days that people go to weddings expecting to get some kind of wedding favor.  Wedding favors can range from the little bottles of bubbles to candy, matches, magnets, memo pads and candles.  The problem then becomes buying enough favors for all of the guests and still remaining within your budget.  Here are five
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Stir it Up: “G+T” Lollypop

Gather supplies: Gin Tonic Water Sturdy Sprigs of Rosemary Mix it up: Mix gin and tonic of choice in a glass. Add lemon zest or a bit of lime if you prefer. Wrap a couple of rosemary sprigs together and submerge in cocktail.  *You may need to tie them down, so the rosemary stays put.
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Wedding DIY: Handmade Sneak Peeks

Throughout my wedding planning, I’ve found that working in the wedding industry, and especially at a custom wedding invitation boutique, has been both a HUGE perk and also a little bit of a challenge.  Between the work we do at The Green Kangaroo, the work our talented colleagues do, and the vast number of gorgeous
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Wedding Trends: Guys in Bow Ties

Last month, Lori shared some awesome shots of stylish little lads in her article “Boys & Bow Ties,” but we’re also huge fans of grown fellas rockin’ the trend.  Bow ties are old school and sophisticated, and yet they have a way of accentuating a man’s personality, no matter his style. The tattooed groom sports
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The Wedding Day: A Tuxedo or Not

In 1866, Griswold Lorillard, a wealthy tobacco heir, shocked the guests gathered for the annual Autumn Ball of the Tuxedo Park Country Club in Tuxedo, New York, when he arrived to the ball wearing a tail-less black dinner jacket.  Mr. Lorillard explained that he had the coat tailor made after a close friend had given
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Inside the Studio: Booklet Wedding Programs

Last week we snapped this photo as we printed the inside pages for Kristine’s classic wedding programs.  The happy couple was wed this weekend and I’m sure their guests just loved the booklet programs and their elegant satin bows.  (Happy honeymooning to the newlyweds!) For more classic wedding stationery ideas, visit us on Pinterest!