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Stationery: Popular Wedding Invitation Trends

The task of choosing your perfect wedding invitation can be rather daunting.  There are so many to choose from; here are some trends to help guide you. In today’s society people are “going green;” wedding invitations are no different.  There are now a wide variety of eco friendly invitations to choose from.  For example, there
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Wedding Flowers: Hello, my name is Allium

Some people call me “stinky.”  Dogs and cats call me “toxic.”  But florists see me in a different light.  They think I’m beautiful.  Hi, I’m the ornamental onion.  You’re probably familiar with my cousins: garlic, chives and leeks.  And while they have great culinary value, their flowers are no match for mine.  I am the
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Wedding Trends: Headbands with Aisle-Worthy Style

Modern brides are trading in the traditional veil for contemporary wedding day hair accessories that suit their personalities and challenge the norm.  We’ve explored this trend before, but today we take a closer look at bridal headbands, one of our most favorite hair adornments for a fashionable wedding day style. The bohemian style is seemingly
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Budget: Everyday Etiquette – Bridesmaids & Expenses

Question: Who pays for the bridesmaids dresses? Tammy The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Dear Tammy, Traditionally, the bridesmaids and maid/matron of honor pay for their dresses. With this in mind, being considerate of their budgets is very important. If you find a dress you really love and it is expensive, maybe you can help pay for
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Inside the Studio: Floral Toile Layered Place Cards

Monica lined up and layered these pretty place cards earlier today.  Table stationery is the perfect way to marry your invitation design and your wedding day decor; Nancy has picked a lovely floral toile motif in lime and navy to do just that! For other botanical wedding ideas, take a look-see at our Pinterest board!

Saja + Aaron: The Science of a Custom Design (Part 1)

This month’s Uniquely You is a little bit different: I’d like to invite you behind the design-wizard curtain! I recently designed a custom wedding invitation for one of my dearest friends, Saja, who is engaged to a charming young man named Aaron. I met Saja when I worked at the student newspaper in college and we
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Color: Sun-kissed

Tints of yellow, orange, and pink come together to create a summery palette for a sun-kissed wedding.  Inspired by the glow of a day spent in the summertime sun, we’ve put together this multi-hued inspiration board with colors of the sunset and a hint of sparkle. For even more sunny inspiration, check out Pinterest! Images:
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Etiquette: Common Wedding Invitation Wording Mistakes Part 3

Grammar: Remember that pronouns should be consistent throughout the invitation.  If you are using first person pronouns (I, we, us, our and me) use them everywhere.  If using third person pronouns (them, they, their) use them everywhere.  It is bad etiquette to mix first and third person pronouns.  Do not use punctuation, such as commas
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Weekly Rally: Hello, Summer!

It’s that time of year for summer vacations!  ‘Roos Kristen and Lori are both beach bound this month with their families.  Katie is also headed to the coast for a sunny weekend by the sea with her friend who’s in town all the way from Alaska! Almost as nice as a warm coastal breeze are
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New Design: Bella

It’s Friday — our favorite day of the week here at The Green Kangaroo!  That’s because each Friday we have another new creation straight from the designer’s desk to share with you! This week’s unique design, the alluring Bella invitation, features fun and frilly swashes from one of our favorite script fonts and is sure to sweep
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