Your Wedding Registry, Where to Splurge and What to Skip

When you are ready to make your wedding registry it can be easy to get caught up in the moment. It may seem like you could use one of everything in the store, so why not register for it? Some things you may see in a different light. You may think that GPS you have been wanting in the worst way isn’t wedding registry material, or you shouldn’t register for dinnerware because you already have plates, your plates even match! There are so many myths (and truths too!) about wedding registry etiquette it can be hard to make heads or tails of it all. Here is a basic guide with dos, don’ts and ideas for splurges, to help you make a wedding registry that is uniquely you.

Think about needs and wants

You may not need any more glasses. But maybe none of your glassware matches. Maybe you have the remnants of three different sets so you would just like a fresh start with your drinking experience. As gorgeous as that set of twelve throw pillows may be, where will it be in a month? On the sofa or thrown in a closet underneath those three unopened toasters? Just because you own something doesn’t mean you can’t ask for the version you really want. On the other hand just because you really love it, doesn’t mean you will use it more than once. Honestly evaluate what you need and want. This could be a good opportunity to replace something that you don’t love that you haven’t been able to justify replacing because it is still functional. This shouldn’t be an excuse to fill your home with things you will only use once however.

Traditional Can be a Good Thing

Couples may be getting away from the traditional china and silverware registries but it doesn’t mean you have to do that. A good set of china doesn’t have to be left in a cabinet and dusted for special occasions. Many sets of china are just as sturdy, or even sturdier than some stoneware. Get a set of China that is in a fairly neutral pattern and work some of the pieces into everyday use. This way you can still pull out the set in its entirety to impress for special occasions if you want. Most of us have “silverware” that is made of stainless steel. Real silverware isn’t as high maintenance as you think and no stainless steel set can compare in quality.


There are so many kitchen gadgets that you may only use for one task, but they would really make that task easier. It is perfectly okay to put a few occasional splurge items on your wedding registry. Also high end items that may not seem like they are something you need are great for wedding registries. Maybe there is an espresso machine you have been considering for purchase or you really want that high end vacuum you keep seeing on television. Put a few splurge items on your wedding registry and be guilt free about it.

Upgrades Save Time and Money

You may have all the pots you need, but a good set of pots can make all the difference. They are less likely to burn food and cook things more evenly. A set that is non-stick or stainless steel can save you time in cleaning it. High quality knives can make prepping your meals faster and easier. Take your time and look around the store where you are registering. There may be a few good upgrades that would benefit your home. A wedding registry is a perfect time to register for these items. Don’t forget most stores will give you a coupon for ten percent off all the remaining items on your registry after your wedding. The catch is that these coupons are usually only good for one shopping trip or one online purchase. Think about what items on your registry you definitely want and discuss it with your spouse. Maybe you can choose a few items to purchase after the wedding if you don’t receive them as gifts. You can even use some of the money you are gifted for your wedding.

No matter what you put on your wedding registry be sure to do it together. You may not agree on every print or pattern but you can divide the final decisions. The chef in the family can make final decisions on kitchenware, and the techie can make the final decisions on any gadgets. Keep things consistent and cohesive. Keep colors and themes in mind so you don’t go trigger happy and get gifts that clash throughout your home. Be considerate of your guests and make sure your guests can order online or in person, and possibly over the phone. You may love a little store in your town but it may not be convenient for all of your guests to shop there. Include all types of price points on your wedding registry and keep it updated. You want to make sure that as people buy gifts, all the price points are still represented. Since asking for cash is still considered taboo by some people, registering for gift cards can be a good option. If you really do prefer to get cash you can still have a few close family members spread the word, but gift cards are a great alternative for people who just don’t feel right gifting cash.

The rule about not putting your registry information in print still applies. Many couples now make a wedding website. You can post your registry information on such a website, but nowhere else. Never ever print your wedding registry information on your invitation. You can share your website address by printing it on a business card or piece of card stock and using that as an insert for your invitation. You can also email the wedding website information to friends and family. Wedding websites are a great way to keep your guests updated and provide directions, area attractions for out of town guests, and links to your registry.

Most of all just have fun! Make a day of registering. Go out to lunch when you register and then come home and make some changes online with a good glass of wine. Oh and go ahead and let your future husband do the scanning, and pretend not to notice the sound effects he adds. Don’t be afraid to add a few sound effects of your own when no one is looking. Planning your wedding will include plenty of stressful moments and situations. Completing your wedding registry should not be one of them.

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