Why DIY?

There are several reasons to choose to DIY different things at your wedding. Many brides choose to make items themselves in an effort to save money. There are brides who choose to do so because they have difficulty finding exactly what they have envisioned. And then there are those who just genuinely love to craft and create.

You may be thinking to yourself that there are several things you want to do yourself. While we definitely aren’t offering any discouragement, we do have a few suggestions for you.

Less Is More

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. No one is saying you have to do anything on your own and you certainly do not need to do all of it. You do your own makeup every day, right? So unless you want a look that you just don’t think you can achieve, doing your own make up is a fabulous idea. It will save you time and money. Choose a few of the things you feel comfortable with doing and leave the rest to professionals or friends with more experience.  

Know What You’re Doing

Taking a cake decorating course one time five years ago does not qualify you to take a stab at making your own cake. Neither do those gourmet cooking classes qualify you to cater the reception. However, they do mean you could probably bake up some sweet treat favors efficiently. Your friends who always have the most beautifully wrapped presents should be recruited to help decorate the packages. What about your younger sister who is a high school cheerleader? Chances are she can tie bows with the best of them.

Keep It Simple

Write down and draw up a clear vision of exactly what you are creating. Keep a list of supplies nearby as well. Don’t go overboard on all the little details of your DIY projects. Tall clear vases containing flowers and wrapped with a single large ribbon looks beautiful. Just because you happen to have 1,000 extra jewel looking rhinestones left over from some other project doesn’t mean they need hot glued to the ribbon. Believe us, they don’t. Some will end up crooked and you’ll be running to the hobby store to buy more ribbon.  

Get Help

Most likely you have friends and family falling over themselves to offer up advice and telling you “Call me if you need anything!” So go ahead and make that call. Whether it’s to your mom’s best friend, who makes the best sugared pecans, or your grandmother, who just has an eye for floral arrangements. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many people will enjoy helping you and will enjoy getting to feel like they contributed to a part of your special day. Making sure you don’t turn in to a bridezilla with all your helpers isn’t easy. Give each volunteer a clear cut plan of what you need from them and any instructions you have. If you want things done specifically just don’t give them room to embellish.

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