When Not to Deal With Drama

Any woman who is or has been a bride knows that being a bride comes with plenty of drama, unwelcome advice and nosy questions, not to mention the out of line questions.  Some questions you really don’t need to be diplomatic about because you have no reason to answer them.  In fact, the person who asked probably had no business asking you the question in the first place. Here are some of the most common questions that real brides get asked all the time.

How much is (insert any wedding item here) costing you? What is your wedding budget? Who is paying for all of this?

Aren’t you having too many flowers? (Or too many guests, too much cake or food)

Aren’t you too young to get married? Have you really known each other long enough? Why haven’t you set a date yet?

I have a vacation/special event planned for a certain week.  Can you schedule your wedding around that? Don’t you think you should avoid that date because of (insert historical event or family anniversary)?

How many carats is your ring?

Are you inviting (insert name)? Or, why didn’t you invite (insert name)?

Where will I be sitting? Can I sit with so and so?

Did you get that idea from so and so’s wedding?

Should you really be eating that? Don’t you want to lose weight for your wedding? Don’t you have a dress you need to fit?

Wouldn’t you rather have a different location, longer train, anything other than what you have chosen?

When are you having children? Are you waiting until your wedding night?

Am I in the wedding party? Who is your favorite bridesmaid? Can I be maid of honor?

Wouldn’t you rather your bridesmaids wear this color/style?

Unfortunately there is always someone who will ask questions they shouldn’t as soon as they hear you are getting married.  Many people will try to push their preferences on you and even steal some of the spotlight. When any of these questions are posed, you can offer a diplomatic and evasive answer or simply say you don’t feel comfortable answering the question.  If they are questioning a choice you have made, simply say that the two of you decided that the choice in question is what you wanted and smile ever so sweetly.  Then ask them something about their lives.

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