When Inclement Weather Hits

With the Southland buried in unprecedented heaps of snow, every non-essential business and every event has been shut down for nearly a week. While a weather-related snafu of this caliber is unlikely for the vast majority of brides, it’s an excellent reminder to ensure you have a solid backup plan in the event of unforeseen circumstances!

Five Tips for Your Bad-Weather Backup Plan

1. Getting married outside? Be sure you have a reliable indoor option in the event of rain or other inhospitable weather.

2. Moving things around: It’s critical to understand before the big day how your venue plans to deal with a last minute change of location. Most places require a reasonable time frame (two hours is standard) to manage the turn around of seating and other ceremony or reception paraphernalia.

3. Consider the impact of change: Think through whether moving your event indoors affects things such as the flow of the wedding processional or the timing of the reception. Even if these things are outside of your control, it can help relieve wedding day stress if you already know what to expect.

4. Keeping guests comfortable is always a key concern for considerate hosts. Even a simple gesture such as having the venue prepared to check raincoats and umbrellas (or snow boots!) can help ensure a celebratory spirit amid the most frightful weather.

5. Capture the image: If bad weather hits, go with it! Remember what this day is really about and pose as a couple under a sunny yellow umbrella or bundled up in front of a roaring fire. Invited or not, the weather is like another guest at your wedding and might as well be welcomed with open arms (and mugs of hot toddies!)

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