Welcoming the Wee Ones: Kids at Your Wedding, Part I

Unless you’ve issued a full no-kids policy for your upcoming nuptials, most couples are planning on at least a few – and sometimes a crew! – of kids at their wedding. But for brides and grooms who are not yet parents themselves, navigating the etiquette surrounding small tykes (and their parents) can feel tricky. So we’re launching a new blog series to help demystify the expectations for welcoming the wee ones at your affair!

The blunt truth is that there is no obligation on your part to make special accommodations for children attending your wedding. Most (read: sane!) parents understand that the wedding is your event and that it’s their own responsibility to make whatever considerations are needed to ensure little Jenny and little Johnny are comfortable. Trust me, no Mom worth her salt is going anywhere without a bag of crackers in her purse!

But in reality, most couples at least attempt to think through any potential issues that might make the day a more enjoyable event for any of their guests with special needs. Whether that means ensuring Great Aunt Hilde’s wheelchair will fit down the aisle or getting cousin Babs a little help with her 3 antsy toddlers, it’s not a bad idea to help out your guests where you can.

So if you’re looking to provide a few little extras to make your wedding more kid- (and parent-) friendly, then stay tuned! We’ll cover the bases from Kid Food to Babysitters, and a few others areas in between over the next few weeks. (And if you’re well convinced that your wedding is an adults-only event, check out this post from our archive on the most polite and etiquette-savvy ways for communicating that message.)

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