2011 Wedding Trends

The confetti and pine needles have been away and now we have time to breath.  Many women find that they are now brides to be when the dust has cleared this time of year.  2011 brings a whole new wave of wedding trends.  Some of the best involve fresh spins on old ideas. Vintage pieces are being given a new look and outdoor weddings will be ideal.

Wedding Color Trends for 2011

The trendy bride in 2011 will go one of two ways with her color scheme.  The 2011 color palettes for weddings will be bright and vibrant or earthy and sun-washed.  Colors like violet, apple green, hot pink, mauve, yellow and clementine orange will rule the brighter color choices.  Slate gray,  khaki, carrot orange, oyster and deep greens will form the base for the earthier color palette. Navy blue seems too be the one stand out color in both bridesmaid and mother of the bride attire Trendy brides will start with these colors and pair them with other colors they adore to create a color theme all their own.  This year is all about unique details and making your wedding completely yours.

Wedding dress trends for 2011

Romance will continue to be a big theme in bridal attire.  Soft feminine details will bring out the princess in every bride. Vintage is big and not going anywhere so lots of lace will be available. Ruffles, frills and organza were prominent all of last year and will continue to make a splash on runways and maybe on your bridal gown.  Trumpet skirts are also a prominent trend and are a great way to accentuate your curves and still give you that cute flair and maybe even a train.  In short many wedding dresses in 2011 will be very womanly in nature.  We are getting back to celebrating our femininity on our wedding days.

Black accents will help keep the vintage bride looking classy while off the shoulder tops will accentuate the romance bringing all of the best trends of 2011 together without looking thrown together.  A dramatic veil, like a birdcage veil,  and lace gloves will beautifully complete your look.  Crystals and pearls sewn into floral embellishments or worn as jewelry will also be big.

City style weddings will add a modern woman touch to the vintage theme so don’t be afraid to try a cocktail length bridal dress.  Short and tea length dresses are also making a big splash this year.

Wedding receptions in 2011

Informal is in style.  More and more couples are focused on celebrating and enjoying their day with family and friends rather than imposing a rigid sit down dinner and overly scheduled day on their guests

Table setups at reception venues are changing.  More and more venues are offering a variety of table shapes and sizes in one venue to add to the air of informality.  Also long tea tables are making an appearance giving your reception the feel of one big dinner party.

The menus at 2011 receptions will also be more informal.  Buffets will greatly outnumber sit down dinners.  Unique menu choices like tapas, curries and even build your own tables for things like tacos and sandwiches will be making an appearance in a big way.  Hiring food vans is a quirky new trend.  Hot dog stands, ice cream vans and BBQ vans now offer wedding packages and will serve your guests delicious favorites not usually associated with weddings.  These are admittedly best for outdoor receptions but since those are the trend this year that shouldn’t be a problem.  Just be sure to have alternate arrangements for every aspect of your reception in case your special day is blessed by inclement weather.

Cupcakes, other baked goods and candy tables will continue to replace the classic dessert table at receptions.  In some cases they even replace the traditional wedding cake.  After all if you really don’t like cake why spend hundreds of dollars on one when a fluffy pink cupcake will look just as good smashed into your new husband’s face?

Entertainment for your 2011 wedding

Jazz bands and DJ s will always be in style as wedding entertainment.  Photo booths and wedding karaoke are gaining popularity.  If you are having a themed wedding having dancers that fit that theme is also very appropriate for a 2011 wedding. 

Since outdoor weddings will be so big this year, outdoor games will also be popular- think horseshoes and even croquet.

This year will allow plenty of room to let your creativity shine.  Use these ideas as building blocks or throw them to the wind an do something totally unique.  Maybe you will even start a new trend for 2012.