Wedding Trends – What’s In & What’s Going to Be

Some trends come and go as quickly as the seasons, others are timeless and still others just get a little tweaking each year.  The key is to take a little bit of everything and plan an event that is truly all your own.  If you love the flowers your mom used at her wedding a quarter century ago, by all means replicate them!  If you also love the Eco-chic, recycled paper invitation trend, use those as well.  It’s your day so do it your way.

Eco-Chic Trend

The Eco-chic trend really is huge right now and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  From recycled paper invitations and organic flowers to having the ceremony and reception at the same place and menus based on going green, the green movement is taking over weddings.  Antique and pawnshop ring sets are a great way to get unique pieces and potentially save a small fortune in the process.  Consider biodegradable disposable place settings for your event.  The earth, the dishwasher and whoever pays the water bill will thank you.

Make It a Social Event

Another trend is getting rid of assigned seating to make your event more like one big party.  This can be touchy if Aunt Flo absolutely can’t stand Cousin Jenny.  But consider it if all your guests get along.  It makes the atmosphere more like a big party than a stuffy event. Letting people sit where they choose and move around as often as they like makes it more likely your party will last longer and be more relaxed and fun.

Brunch Reception

Having a reception at brunch instead of nighttime is a great way to cut costs and still thank your guests for sharing in your special day.  Brunch items are often less expensive and you can still have a few light cocktails or juice mixes.  If you don’t want the party to end that early, consider an after party with a lounge atmosphere.  Serve coffees, teas and cognac in a relaxed low key setting. Or step it up a little and hire a DJ for the after party.  The bride can change into something sassier and you can keep the party going all night long.

Add Color

Colors are getting brighter and bolder for everything from bridesmaids dresses to place settings and invitations.  Many brides use their favorite colors or colors that complement them for all of these things and that’s great.  But if you are looking to spice up things now is the time.  Apple green, cyan, hot pink red, yellow and so many more colors are going to be big in the 2010/2011 seasons.  Also alluding to the “green trend”, vintage, earthy and even sun washed colors are making a huge comeback.  Dark chocolate, grays, brick red, scallop shell and antique white are great examples of this.  The mixing in the trends is a great thing that allows brides to get everything customized and still be super chic and in style.


That leads to the biggest trend around right now and that is personalization.  From custom wedding invitations to printed favors and place settings to custom gifts for the wedding party personalization is very much a trend.  This can be as simple as getting everything monogrammed with the bride and grooms initials and placing the wedding date and names on the favors and tableware.  Serving distinct food selections and using unique unexpected decorations is huge right now and expected to get even bigger in the coming year.


Flowers are so hard to choose sometimes unless your heart has been set on a particular look.  The trend right now is a kind of mix and match.  More and more brides are mixing traditional flowers like carnations and daisies with more exotic choices for a bold, distinct look.  Do your research on different types that you like before even meeting with your florist to give him or her a place to start.

Edible Favors

Edible wedding favors have always been the thing to do.  From candy filled flutes to regional bakery favorites.  Candy tables filled with childhood sweets or reminiscent of a special moment in the bride and grooms life is definitely a new trend.  The bright colors and pretty patterns can make for some very pleasing arrangements and make older guests feel like kids again and the younger ones very happy.

The Dresses

Bridesmaids’ dresses, possibly barring the maid of honor’s dress, have traditionally been all one color and style.  More and more brides are simple giving their bridesmaids swatches and letting them pick the style that flatters them best.  Some choose two colors and have the bridesmaids wear one and do their accents, like barrettes, shoes and purses in the opposite color.  Still others have multiple color dresses in the same style.  Choose whatever works for you, the possibilities are endless with the call to personalize, personalize, personalize for the next few seasons!

Always choose details you love above what is in style.  It is your wedding. Make it a day you love every part of and that you will remember as perfect for the rest of your life.

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