Wedding Trends for Summer 2011

Blossom Wedding Invitation

Summer weddings have always been the most popular choice for brides.  The top wedding venue choices are booked a full year in advance and retailers in the bridal business put their best foot forward knowing next year’s summer brides are shopping now. The wedding trends for this year and next will not only be influenced by the runway and some creative designers, the royal wedding will also come into play.  Over the course of the next few weeks, our Wednesday blogs will feature summer wedding trends for 2011. Here is a look at what is trending this summer and will be seen from orange and yellow wedding invitations to specialty smoothies.

Color Trends

Right now summer weddings are all about adding a pop of color.  It all starts with your wedding invitation for your guests. The key to this is to not overwhelm your guests with your chosen super bright hue.  Choose a color scheme that complements the bright color and sprinkle touches throughout your wedding.  For example, try a layer of orange flame colored paper in between a cotton candy pink layer and an apple green layer on your single pocket folio invitations. 

Even a classic black and white wedding color scheme can be given a pop of red or yellow to create a unique, bold look that is perfect for your wedding color scheme. Try using a really detailed color wheel and choosing 2 colors that are right next to each other (Analogous to each other) and then a color on the other side of the wheel (that is complementary to the other colors) for your summer wedding color scheme. Wedding trends are leaning more and more towards having a third color in the mix to obtain that special pop.

Wedding color palettes inspired by India are also very much a do right now.  Bold greens, golds, oranges, reds and purples create an eye catching look when mixed together.  The focus on this color scheme shouldn’t be one or two particular colors.  You should use the colors equally in your arrangements and decor and feel free to use as many as you would like to create a warm, exotic feel.

Retro wedding color palettes will also be a big thing.  Look for Tiffany blues, silvers, pearl whites, pale yellows and sparkling diamonds scattered throughout retro wedding color schemes.

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