Wedding Receptions from A to Z – Part 3 (R to Z)

  • R – Renaissance fair weddings are becoming more and more popular.  What better way to show everyone your groom is your knight in shining armor?  Your local recreation center may have rooms available for rent for a small donation and security deposit.  An area rose garden may suit your needs as well.  Your favorite restaurant, a local horse ranch or an area racetrack may be perfect for your wedding reception and ceremony.
  • S – Many local senior centers will have rooms available for rent at a low cost.  A ski lodge would be great for a winter wedding. The synagogue may also be appropriate.
  • T – A tea room may be able to accommodate your wedding celebrations.  The town hall or your local temple are other choices. A wedding can be held under a tent in a variety of locations.
  • U – Many universities have affordable options for hosting you wedding events.  An added bonus is you  may be able to hire student photographers and DJ s for considerable savings.
  • V – A vineyard offers a beautiful setting year round and will often have wine selections included in the price.  Some surviving Victorian homes have been outfitted to have lots of open space for a wedding reception.  If the home has lots of ground surrounding it you can have an outdoor wedding ceremony and an indoor wedding reception.
  • W – Many national parks have waterfalls that make an excellent setting for your wedding vows. 
  • Y – Renting a yacht for a few hours can be great for a small wedding.  It is like giving your guests a mini cruise and you can save on food because this setting is most appropriate for champagne and hors d’ oeuvres rather than a sit down dinner.
  • Z – A wedding at the zoo will bring out the kid in all of your guests and provide many great photo opportunities on your wedding day.

Many of these locations will charge a smaller fee if you rent only a small portion of the location so be sure to ask about all of your options.  Try reserving a picnic area at the zoo instead of a building.  Many of the picnic areas will have a rain shelter nearby and it can save you a small fortune.

Try researching locations for a destination wedding by each letter.  Perhaps choose the grooms last initial and base the entire wedding on that letter.  Get invitations with a monogram, monogrammed favors and choose your location based on the letter for a fun theme.

When choosing a location for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception keep your priorities in mind.  If you can save on a reception location by using your own backyard you will have more money to distribute elsewhere in your wedding budget.  If location is on the top of your priority list; however’ you may want to choose a country club or ballroom and spend the big bucks there.  Make choices that reflect the bride and groom as a couple and there is no wrong choice.  Use your club memberships, military status, alumni status and anything else you can think of to try to get a discount on your chosen location.

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