Wedding Receptions from A to Z – Part 2 (H to P)

  • H – Your home is the obvious money saving choice here.  Hotels and your local town hall or halls that belong to local chapters of various organizations and churches are also great options for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.
  • I – Your local inn will have guest parking and rooms on site and may also have on site catering.
  • J – A local Japanese garden would make for a lovely backdrop for your afternoon tea wedding reception and provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photographs.   A jazz club is an excellent location for a semi formal or black tie wedding reception.
  • L – Your local library may have a room available for your wedding day celebrations and can make for a wonderful backdrop for your wedding photographs.  Lakes make for a wonderful photograph opportunity as well.  Log cabins, lofts, lodges and the lawn of a family member or friend would all make good locations for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception.
  • M – Does a local museum allow weddings to take place in a certain room?  Think of the photography opportunities if they do!  Military families may choose to get married at the local military club at very affordable rates. 
  • N – A national park is a great location for a wedding.  Cabins can be rented for accommodations for your guests; there are wonderful photo opportunities and plenty of open spaces to hold your ceremony and reception.  Be sure to find out about permits and limitations well in advance.
  • O – A wedding at your local orchard would make for a beautiful wedding especially when all of the trees are in bloom.  Apple blossoms are beautiful and catching a picture during a good wind will look amazing while petals fly around the bride.
  • P – Is there a picnic spot at your favorite park? Look into what permissions you would need to hold your wedding ceremony and reception there. A pier or party boat would also be a good choice.

Look for our Monday blog, Part 1 (A to G) and our Friday blog for Part 3 (R to Z).

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