Wedding Planning Mistakes – Part 2

Personality, personality, personality:

A possible problem for plenty of brides is not putting yourself into the wedding enough. A lack of personality reflects little care about your wedding and we know that you really do care. So show your friends and family that you and your hubby to be adore the ocean by choosing rich shades of blue and passing out anchor shaped favors. Just a little bit will likely go a very long way. On the other hand, too much personality can be just as big of a flop. It’s easy to go overboard but seriously, not absolutely everything your guest sees needs to be covered in peacock feathers. 

Realistic budget:

Envisioning big dreams for your wedding day is a good thing. Just make sure you give yourself regular reality checks in regards to your budget. Also, make sure you have honest conversations with your vendors regarding budget as well. If they do not know how much you are working with, they do not know how to help you. If you set out knowing exactly how much you can afford then you don’t have to deal with the huge heartache of not being able to purchase everything you dreamed up.

Not hiring professionals:

Not everyone can afford to hire a professional to cover absolutely everything we know this. And yes, the DIY movement has been huge in recent years. That’s great, but trusting your friend who has taken two baking classes to make your cake may not be ideal. Also, while we’d never say a wedding coordinator is a must have. It is an excellent idea to have a day of coordinator so that you are less stressed and able to enjoy the big day itself.

Taking things too serious:

Your wedding day is a very important day, it is not an event that you deal with lightly. However, if you take things to serious you are likely only hurting yourself. The price to ship your flowers to your florist may end up costing more than you spent on your gown! The flower girl may take a seat in the middle of the aisle. It’s true, all of these types of things happen. Tell yourself to take some of these things in stride, chances are very likely that they will not make or break your wedding day. Also make sure you surround yourself by people who will keep you grounded and laughing if need be.

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