Wedding Planning Mistakes – Part 1

When it comes to your wedding everyone is quick to tell you that you absolutely most start planning right away. It’s true planning a wedding takes time, but your biggest problem is not the time frame. We gathered up some information for you on the biggest planning mistakes you could make and how to avoid them.

Losing perspective:

Sometimes we get so caught up in making sure our wedding meets everyone else’s standards that we do not make sure it meets our own. Many brides today consume so much information regarding how to make their wedding the most fabulous wedding ever they loose focus. The end goal to all of this is that you are starting a life with the one you love, not that you have the perfect “blog-worthy” wedding. The beginning into marriage is what matters, so if everything is not spot-on perfect, it will be ok we promise, at the end of the day you are still married!

Not involving the fiancé:

Believe it or not some men would like to be involved in the wedding planning process. Not, it’s not likely he will want to make every trip to the florist with you, many would prefer to help where their personal strengths will shine. For instance your groom that has the best taste in music would be a terrific help when working on your must play songs list The social butterfly groom will make a great assistant when it comes to working on the seating chart. After all this is probably the first big event you two will plan together so take this time to learn what the others strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to planning and organizing.

Getting drunk the night before:

Chances are you are aware of what you feeling like the morning after a night of partying. So you know you do not want to feel that way on you wedding day. Getting trashed the night before your wedding can be very detrimental to your looks as well. Not only are you sure to be tired, but the limited hydration and sleep deprivation will also aid in you looking nowhere near your best. And forget that glowing bride look. It’s not happening with that pasty skin and swollen eyelids. We’re not ruling out a glass of wine with your girls that night before. But much more than that and you’re likely to wake up sorry.

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