Wedding Invitation Etiquette “Don’t”

What fun getting that thick envelope in the mail and knowing you are about to open a gorgeous invitation for another fabulous wedding! The anticipation of seeing the style and tone that the bride and groom have carefully selected for their special day …

but wait.

Could it be?

The dreaded registry card.

Brides, take note. While your “friends” in the bridal departments at Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond may certainly encourage you to include their registry cards (sometimes even personalized!) in your wedding invitation, please know that this is not an appropriate practice or “new trend.” It is simply another marketing scheme that will turn your beautiful invitations into advertisements for the stores of your choosing.

Believe us, your guests will figure out where you are registered without these cards. Including them with your wedding invitation sends the wrong message. Remember, your wedding is focused on the upcoming marriage rather than on the gifts. Your guests do not need a “friendly reminder” to bring you a coffee maker.

Thank your retail bridal consultant for her cards and quietly slip them into the recycling bin. Your guests (and Emily Post) will be glad you did.

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