Wedding Dress Tips – Mini Dress

Overdoing it 

Make sure you understand trends. While some brides just love to be trendy and will want to go all out with the newest and latest ideas, there is nothing to say that if you follow one trend you must follow them all. Years from now when you look back at your photo album, you may regret how very dated your look appears. So we suggest going with just one or two trends. Mixing classic timeless pieces with newer styles is always a surefire way to make a statement without going overboard.


Accessorizing with a short dress can be a lot of fun! Because the short dress can easily be styled to look trendy or classic you can have an excellent time playing with different accessories. Going for an up-do? Why not try some shoulder skimming earrings? Or try on a trendy ultra-chunky necklace for a gown with a plunging neckline. This is the shoe lover’s dream gown, what better way to show off your newest and most prized shoes than to wear a short gown?


Sometimes it’s okay to forgo comfort for the sake of fashion, but on your wedding day, it’s not a good move. You want to feel and look radiant, plus you are wearing this dress for quite a few hours it’d be nice if you could you know sit, eat, dance, breathe. Keeping this in thought, a shorter dress can (depending on the style) help provide a lot of movement for you at the wedding and reception that bulkier and longer gowns can not. So for the bride that loves to dance the night away a shorter dress that isn’t too snug will provide both the ease of dancing and less fabric means you won’t overheat either.

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