Wedding Day Games and Activities

Many receptions are comprised of dinner and dancing and well wishes. An increasing number of couples; however, are opting to include some fun and even traditional games into their wedding. Here are some ideas to consider if some extra fun is wanted for the reception.

Capture the bride – In this game someone is assigned to hold the bride captive in another room until the groom and guests raise a preset amount to ransom her back. It is a money making game for the couple that is tradition in Ukraine and other parts of the world. Some may consider it tacky and some brides may not want to miss a chunk of their reception being held in captivity but it can be loads of fun especially if the groom is made to dance with people or perform other actions to earn the money.

The dollar dance – In this tradition, people can pay a dollar or whatever they are comfortable with to dance with the bride. Most couples will limit this to a pre-allotted portion of the wedding reception. It is okay to only sell 30 or 60 seconds of a dance to save time and give everyone a chance as well.

The bouquet dance – Instead of throwing bouquets and garters many brides and grooms are choosing to do a bouquet dance instead. The DJ will ask all married couples to get on the dance floor including the bride and groom. The DJ will then ask all couples married less than an hour to leave the dance floor, meaning the bride and groom. The DJ then works his or her way up asking couples married less than a year, less than five years etc. to leave the floor. When only one couple remains the bride and groom give them the bouquet and garter and ask for marriage advice. It is helpful for the DJ to know in advance how long the longest marriage for guests in attendance was.

Kiss pictures – Another money raising game for the bride and groom is to sell pictures of a kiss on the cheek from the bride or groom. An instant camera can be used or you can use the purchaser’s camera.

A question and answer guest book – Instead of a traditional guest book some couples will provide loose sheets for each guest. The sheets will have questions for the guests to answer. Questions may include: how did you meet the bride and groom? Do you have a funny story about the couple? What is your wedding advice for the couple? The sheets can then be collected and bound into a scrapbook for the couple to keep.

Photo booths – Photo booths are a growing trend at wedding receptions. Lots of fun props are provided for the booth so guests can get goofy. They make for some pretty hilarious pictures and memories.

Treasure hunt chairs – This is a combination between a treasure hunt and musical chairs. Thirteen people should play and you should start with 12 chairs. Each participant has to draw a piece of paper listing an item in the room. Everyone looks at the same time and then races to find their item. The last person back doesn’t get a chair but they do get a task to perform throughout the year. One person may have to make the bride a cake for her birthday, another may have to wash the groom’s car in July. Take pictures of the “losers” and post them on a calendar board with the tasks written on the months. The winner should get a small prize.

Crazy kiss requests – There is an old tradition that guests can get the bride and groom to kiss by clanking glasses or ringing bells. This can get frustrating quickly so some brides and grooms have developed an alternative. The requirements to get the bride and groom to kiss will vary by table and everyone has to participate in order to get the bride and groom to kiss. Write each table’s task down and place it on their table. A table of young people may all have to do a river dance or switch a clothing item with a person of the opposite sex. A table of elderly aunts may all have to write down some wedding advice for the couple. Be creative and cater the requirements to the people at each table.

Video games – Some couples are playing video games like Rockband and Wii Sports at their receptions. This is best for casual receptions but can be a lot of fun and make for some great video!

No matter what you do at your reception take the time to have fun. Having a wedding reception that is too structured can just lead to more stress.

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