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There’s some serious mojo working over at Watered Garden florist – between their florals and their team.  No matter what the request (or challenge as it sometimes may be), they just get it right. From dramatic floor to ceiling botanicals to a simple, understated blossom, the folks over at Watered Garden have a knack for floral design and perfect execution.

And don’t let the fact that they are the in-house florist for the highly acclaimed Umstead Hotel and Spa intimidate you.  One exchange with Katrina Evans, and you’ll know that a warm welcome is always on hand. Initial bridal consultations are fairly unconventional, according to Katrina. They’re more like a conversation between friends than a meeting. After all, it’s personal, right?  What could be more personal than a wedding?

“We’ll chat informally , get to know them and use that time to pick up on little things about them – what they like, don’t like, what they’ll be wearing, the style of the ceremony & wedding and their personalities in general. All of these little pieces allow the designers to develop a vision of the bride and groom as a whole and design and create flowers that will far exceed their expectations – even when what they want is sometimes poles apart. To us, there is no such thing as a “traditional” wedding. Everything we do is tailored to each individual client, keeping in mind their preferences and their budget.”

-Katrina Evans, Office Manager

Modern Wedding Flowers

Clients have been known to rave about Watered Garden.  They are often tasked with blending multiple sources of inspiration – or personalities – into one, cohesive and unique look.  Then, there are times when a bride is simply overwhelmed and can’t convey what she wants.  That’s where the personal, friendly nature of the team at Watered Garden really shines.  They are able to take their god-given talents, combine that with the time and careful observation they’ve spent with each of their clients and come up with a result that far exceeds their wildest dreams (as one bride put it).

“The arrangements were amazing. I loved how you stuck to orange and white, I loved my bouquet and the blue ribbon you found to match the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly. I love how simple and unique the tables were so people could still see and talk across the tables. I love the flowers on the cake, too! Everything was more amazing than I imagined.”




Photo Credits: Watered Garden, Kevin Milz Photography, J Wessel Photography.

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