Unique Wedding Venue: ATC

Every time I visit the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, North Carolina, I am overwhelmed with reasons to come back. This place has an abundance of dining, event and multicultural experiences to pique your interest and satisfy a growling belly.  It’s home to the offices of the award-winning North Carolina Public Radio (WUNC), Burt’s Bees, Inc, and the Durham Bulls Baseball Team to name a few. And the outdoor pavilion cleverly built beneath the Lucky Strike water tower is just way too cool!  Truth-be-told, I often fantasize about having a space like the American Tobacco Campus to house TGK’s Design Studio, but I’m too fond of Cary, NC at the moment!

Unique Wedding Venue

Bay 7 is a unique event space that boasts lots of urban, chic, industrial touches, but has the character and story of a historic tobacco factory. I can imagine a wedding ceremony taking place on the lawn outside and the reception being hosted inside Bay 7.  It’s charming.  It’s swanky.  It embraces the wonderful heritage and style of North Carolina.

Unique Wedding Venue

You don’t have to shell out a bunch of cash to visit the American Tobacco Campus.  Pack a lunch and head to ATC to dine picnic-style on the lawn.  Once you take a look around, you’ll find plenty of reasons to come back!

All photos courtesy of Raleigh Wedding Photographer, Brian Mullins. Thanks, Brian!

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