Truly Unique and Even Unusual Wedding Ideas – Continued

Unique Reception Events

A surprise guest is a great way to get the party started if you can make it happen.  Is the groom a huge fan of a local college sports team?  See if you can arrange for the mascot to crash the reception without him knowing.

Choreographing your wedding dance into something whimsical and memorable is also a great way to get guests talking about your reception.  As always you want to make it something that fits the personalities of you and your intended.

The traditional garter and bouquet tosses can be a tad awkward if there is a shortage of single people (or single people wanting to participate) at your wedding.  A great idea is to instead have the DJ ask all the married couples come to the floor for a dance.  Then have them ask all couples married less than two hours to sit down.  Have them work their way through having couples married less than one, five, ten years and so on sit down til there is one couple standing.  It is a good idea to know how long the two longest married couples at your reception have been married ahead of time.  When only one couple is remaining have the groom remove the brides garter and make a show of presenting it to the longest married couple.  It is a wonderful photo opportunity and those are probably the people you most want to ask for wedding advice!

Unique Guest Book Ideas

Having the person handling your guest book take Polaroids of groups and individuals as they arrive is a great way to customize your guest book.  Have the attendant fasten each picture onto a page and have the guests in the picture sign that page.  Another unique idea is to get a coffee table book with unique pictures that mean something to the couple.  Pictures of their home state or favorite sport are great starting ideas.  Have guest sign and write their messages in the pages of the book.  This way the book can be displayed and looked through at any time the happy couple wants to remember their special day.

Unique Wedding Attire

A white dress and tuxedo are what usually comes to mind when you think of wedding attire.  More and more brides and grooms are choosing to drift further and further from this.  It is reflected in all the colored accessories you can now get to be part of your wedding day attire.  So much so that a splash of color on the bride has more become the normal way of things then unusual.  Some brides take it a step further though.

Fairy dresses have made an appearance in recent years.  These vary from light airy dresses made of tulle and reminiscent of a beautiful elegant woodland fairytale to actually having fairy wings attached.  They have been spotted in the traditional white and a variety of pinks, purples and even greens.  They may be plain and basic or intricately designed with oh so delicate details.

The floor length tradition is also being pushed aside.  Those dresses can be pretty bulky and hot especially at a summer wedding.  Some brides are foregoing the traditional gown and choosing tea length and shorter dresses instead. They allow for an easy transition from ceremony to party and can often save on cost as well.

Every bride is the center of attention on her wedding day and should feel like a princess.  Why not use a medieval style wedding dress to really play the part?  Once again, available in white and a huge variety of colors.  Medieval dresses are no longer a thing just for costume shops and can be very elegant and complimentary.

Unusual Wedding Venues

Churches and places of worship are the traditional setting for a wedding.  Those less religious often use their reception venue, or for an outdoor choice a park or garden with exceptional beauty or meaning to the happy couple.  Rivers streams and other naturally beautiful places are also popular and make beautiful settings for your special day.

There are a few places to consider that could add an extra flair to your day, though they can also quickly get pricey.  Sports venues like stadiums and tracks are now opening their doors to weddings.  So if you have a favorite local team or sport that is something you can consider.  Cruise ships and destination weddings add quite a bit to the planning process but also make for unique memorable weddings.  Zoos and theme parks are now also opening their gates to weddings.  This has the added bonus of keeping your guests entertained though it may limit the personal interaction you have with your guests.

For the couple that shares hobbies, there are plenty of choices like an underwater wedding for the scuba divers and a wedding on a hot air balloon.  You can even get married on a plane and skydive out of it after the first kiss.

Unique Wedding Photos

Candid shots are becoming more and more popular in lieu of the traditional lined up poses with predetermined family members and the wedding party.

Sometimes poses can be a great thing.  Consider using an old suitcase and a signboard.  Have the bride sit on the suitcase looking bored on a (safe!) part of the roadside with the groom holding a signboard hitchhiking a ride to the honeymoon destination.  Better yet have them sit at an actual bus stop with confused commuters while they are photographed.

Shots in a playground using the swings and slide can also turn out wonderfully.  Or maybe at the local pool hall with the groom leaning over the bride showing her how to take the shot.

Shots that accentuate the couples theme when one is used often make great memories.  Such as the bride and groom using baseball bats or helmets at a sports themed reception.

Your wedding day should be all about you.  If you want the traditional setting and elements, go for it!  But if you want something unique and oh so you, go for it.  It is your special day, enjoy it!

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