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Back in May, a few of us girls here at The Green Kangaroo were surprised with a trip to New York City to attend the National Stationery Show.  The few wide-eyed days we spent there admiring the skyline and hailing cabs were grand!  The explorer in me, however, remained curious after our trip… so I made it my mission to book a flight back with my fella for a Big Apple birthday adventure.

Art and architecture were the highlights of our trip and of this here travel inspired post.  The history that lies along those streets stacked high with modern structures is mesmerizing and the very buildings that contain art treasures from centuries ago to present day are but works of art themselves.

New York inspiration board

You don’t have to live in NYC to make your own history with a big city wedding.  Capture a modern feel in pieces designed with clean lines and structural references.  Open spaces with high ceilings and exposed brick walls and beams will feel like you’re in a city loft.  The American Tobacco Campus in North Carolina’s Bull City, Durham, is home to Bay 7, a popular venue with architectural interest (pictured bottom right).

Take a cue from Broadway billboards to give your event some color and don’t be shy to experiment.  Even food can appear as curated works of art, in such cases as the baroque jellies (pictured top right) by English chefs, Bompas and Parr.   Themed with inspiration from the “City that never sleeps” your wedding will be an adventure you’ll always treasure.

Aren’t tired of NYC yet?  (Me either.)  Head over to Pinterest for more inspiration.

Images: NYC Couple, New York Postcard, New York Ring, Brooklyn Bridge Neck Ties, BHLDN Pleated Dress (AMAZING!), City Lights Luminaries, Architectural Heel, Wedded Couple at Ink48 (we stayed there in May!), Bay 7 photo by Luster

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