Tips for Working With Wedding Vendors – Part 4

Know your wedding

Before you can expect your vendors to help you plan the day of your dreams you need to know exactly what you want in a few key areas and where you can be flexible. Before booking any vendors you should know:

  • Your wedding date and desired times. The time of year and time of day of your wedding will make a difference in your wedding planning.
  • Your budget
  • Locations for your ceremony and reception (should be among the first things you choose)
  • The size of your guest list. You don’t need an exact number but a realistic estimation.
  • Who will officiate your wedding
  • If there are any vendors or services you must have. Some reception locations, for example, don’t allow live bands or outside caterers so you would have to use a DJ or the locations in house caterer.

The decisions you should make as you start narrowing vendors include:

  • What attire the couple and wedding party will be wearing
  • What type of menu and beverages you want to serve
  • What type of flowers you will be using and who your florist will be
  • Where you will get your cake (some reception venues will charge a cutting fee if you get your cake from an outside bakery)
  • What type of wedding invitations, wedding cards and other wedding stationery you want to use
  • What musicians you will use
  • Who is willing to help you the day of the wedding with set up, clean up and other jobs and snags that may arise. Don’t assume you can decorate your wedding hall unless you are sure you will have help.

You can be more flexible with these things so choose your vendors and have them help you settle on specifics when it comes to:

  • your wedding day schedule
  • the readings at your ceremony
  • your music selection
  • gifts for attendants and family
  • favors
  • seating arrangements at the ceremony and reception

Have faith

Try to relax in the final days before your wedding. You have confirmed and fretted and your vendors now know what you expect of them. Trust them to deliver and notify you promptly with any problems. Even if something goes wrong chances are your vendors will be on top of things and ready to offer solutions. Your wedding day is a success if you are married at the end of the day

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