Tips for Working With Wedding Vendors – Part 3

Be realistic

Do your research before narrowing down your vendor choices. You want to know what things generally cost and how the vendors you are talking to rank in quality before you get into the specifics of your wedding contract. You can’t expect to spend 500 dollars for a professional photographer when local amateurs start their packages at 750. Make sure you have the priorities in your budget straight before you start contacting vendors.

Be prepared

Go to your vendor with lists of questions to ask and a list of expectations and priorities. You should feel free to ask the most basic of questions without feeling like you "should know" the answer. Your vendors do this all day everyday for a living and it is their job to help you understand what they can do for you and how things work. But in today’s world many brides do much of their own research so they don’t know what you need or want t know unless you ask.

Don’t waste the vendor’s time

Of course you want to be comfortable with a vendor and do your research. But if you are scheduling three different tastings with your baker, be sure that is the baker you will be using. Time is money for most business people. Schedule a meeting or two and a tasting to decide on your vendor, but beyond that be sure you are using that vendor. Many vendors will take even more time and care with you once they are assured of your business.

Be flexible

If you love a vendors work and want them to develop a plan to fit your budget yu have to be prepared to be flexible. If they have to lower the cost chances are they will have to subtract a few things from the package. For example trust your florist to choose the right filler flowers to spruce up your bouquet. That way you can still have the flowers you want but will need fewer stems of the expensive blooms. Discuss colors, substitution options and the like in advance, but then trust that you chose your vendors for a reason. After all, they do this for a living.


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