Tips for Working With Wedding Vendors – Part 2

Is my vendor honest? You want your vendor to be open about their limitations and what they can and cannot offer you at your price points. You don’t want to be sweet talked into signing a contract and then having to use a vendor where you are getting less than you thought you were getting for what you are paying.

Do I like this vendor’s work? Take a minute to look at the pictures of previous jobs that your vendors put in front of you. Talk to friends who have used the vendors you are considering about the good points and the points they would have liked improved. Utilize wedding message boards and browse the local sections or just ask around on general community forums. A picture is worth a thousand words and no one can tell you better how easy a vendor is to work with then someone who has recently used them. Be sure to get more than one opinion, however. Brides with a poor opinion of a vendor may have been a bridezilla, and brides with a glowing recommendation may have been super easy to work with and encountered no snags which means they only got to see the best side of their vendors.

Can my vendor handle my engagement? If the florist you are considering is a one or two man show can they really handle your 250 person reception and cathedral sized ceremony? Do they have extra people they hire for such occasions? Make sure your vendor has experience handling affairs that are the size and style of yours. You can always have them recommend a colleague, or have them work with a vendor who can handle the larger engagements and still get the benefits of their personal style.

Have I really explored all my options? Visit bridal shows, look through ads in your local paper, browse the internet and utilize the local phone book. Don’t only use one means to find vendors for you to compare. Plenty of lesser advertised vendors exist and do amazing work.


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