Tips for Working With Wedding Vendors – Part 1

You can simply compare prices and styles and book the best choice or you can really work with your wedding vendors. Learning how to work with your wedding vendors can save you loads of time and money and get you lots of extras, perks and special favors. At the very least following these tips will ensure you have a pleasant experience when working with most wedding vendors.

Choose the right vendors

Price is important. You want to get all you can out of your wedding budget. Because many vendors in an area will have similar price points; however, there are many other things you will want to consider when choosing a wedding vendor. Some questions to ask yourself include:

Does the vendor or their representative return my calls promptly? Are they prepared to answer the questions I left with my message when they call? All brides get anxious as the day of their wedding draws close. You can’t to be sure you will get prompt answers to last minute questions or at the very least the vendor will stay in touch with you as they look for answers and solutions to your questions and problems.

Is the vendor enthusiastic about what they do? Of course your florist doesn’t have to gush about the pretty scents and colors of the flowers you chose, but passion is important. Look for your vendors to be organized and take pride in what they do. They should also have an answer that shows they like what they do if you ask them "how did you get into the (insert vendor’s business here) business.

Will they work with you on price points? Right now everyone’s wallets are tight and that includes the wallets of wedding vendors. So don’t expect a huge discount no matter how nice and easy to work with you may be. Instead look for vendors who will make changes to packages so they can fit your budget while still giving you what is important to you.

Are you still smiling when you get off the phone with your vendor (or after leaving their office)? You shouldn’t be frustrated or rolling your eyes when you finish a conversation with a vendor. You should feel like your vendor is personable without trying to be your best friend. Your vendor should leave you with the confidence that you will get the attention to detail and professionalism you are paying them to get.


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