Tips for the Groom – Part 1

Let’s face it, most men won’t be jumping at the chance to help choose table linens or china patterns for your wedding reception. Many men will even have trouble remembering to pick up their tuxes. There is no one size fits all solution to getting your husband to be involved in planning your wedding. It can be overwhelming feeling like you are going it alone. Here are some tips to help you get your groom involved in planning the happiest day of your lives.

  • K.I.S.S.- Keep it short and simple. Simply put, open ended questions and complicated decisions are likely to send your husband to be scrambling for the door. Be direct about how you want him to get involved and place choices before him. Say “do you like the red or the pink to go with the white tablecloths?”, not “What color would you like to pair with the white tablecloths?”.
  • Hand him a calculator.- If your husband to be is a whiz at math get him to handle your wedding budget. After the two of you set a budget and decide what will be sent where have him keep track of the details. Hand him your receipt and ask for his help finding places you can save money t cover where you may have overspent. Purchase a program like quicken or show him a budgeting tool on your favorite wedding site. Many men will like being in charge of the money and feeling like they have a handle on something tangible like how much debt they will be in after the wedding.
  • Let him bargain- Is your groom a top notch negotiator? Get him to seal the deal when you have chosen vendors. See what extras he can get negotiated into the price of your contract. Make sure he gets the deal put in writing and get excited when he gets prices lowered or extras thrown into your deals.
  • Give him tips -On the day of the wedding put your guy in charge of tipping the vendors. Have him make the tip envelopes or make them yourself. Once again your guy gets to be in charge of a money situation and personally thank all the people who did so much hard work to make your day special.


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